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Welcome! We are Dubai, UAE's local comedy pioneers now celebrating 8 years of funny-making business in the desert! We founded the premiere Comedy and Urban Arts School in the Middle East, produce stellar festivals and events throughout the year and use comedy as a tool to bring people of diverse cultural, monetary and religious backgrounds together for one big laugh. Under our umbrella is Dubai International Comedy Carnival, Funny Girls, Dubomedy International Performing Arts Festival, Monday Night Funnies, Improv Revolution, Dubomedy Arts School, Sketch@ TV, Dubai Tap Dance & Body Beats and the beloved Clowns Who Care Volunteer Project. Join us!

Video Highlight

With Xenophobia growing in the West we wanted to use humor to fight the fear. We asked Muslim women about Muslim women and this is what they had to say...

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Thanks for the votes

Ali had a wonderful time interviewing one of his hip hop heroes, DMC!

Best Female Personality Nominee - Mina Liccione

We celebrated our 8th

paddbirthday with a sold out show featuring the hilarious Nemr Abou Nassar

What not?

Kevin Hart broke stand-up comedy records by performing his new special “What now?” to a football stadium of over 50,000 people! What now you ask? THIS! His film opened this week. Will you go see it?

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We headed to the Regency Labor Camp to put on a special Eid Festival! Everyone’s bellies were full with great food and laughs!

What's Happening!

The film our founders had the honor of working on, As One: The Autism Project, was released in UAE Cinemas to mark World Autism Day!

What's Cooking!

Ali recorded his first comedy special entitled ‘Onestly Sbeaking’ to a full house and rave reviews. Check it out!